Safari Desert
Breathe the crisp desert air. Feel the stress drip like the desert dew from your soul and body. Emerge from the hassles of your mortal existence to experience life in the land that personifies immortality, itself: Egypt! You cannot help but feel reborn – like the legendary Pharoah Osiris – as you partake of a Nile sunset, stand in awe of the surrounding mountains or ride a camel back through time. Retire to the forest for a barbecue, then soak away the calories in natural warm springs. Feel between your toes the same sands that once clung to the shoes of Cleopatra and Ramesses the Great. A safari package is an unforgettable and timeless adventure!


1 Night Camping
White Desert & Black Desert


02 Nights / 03 Days  
Bahariya Oasis , White Desert Camping  & Black Desert


03 Nights / 04 Days  

Bahariya Oasis , Bawiti ,  White Desert Camping  & Black Desert


04 Nights / 05 Days

Bahariya , Farafra , Dakhla , Kharga to Luxor


04 Nights / 05 Days

Siwa , Bahariya & White Desert Camping  


08 Nights / 09 Days

From Luxor to Kharga , Dakhla , White Desert, Bahariya , Siwa to Cairo