Despite the huge number of travel agencies and the competitive nature of the tourism market in Egypt, in just a few years LONELY EGYPT has developed into one of the most successful names in the travel industry, thanks to its distinctive style in creating and managing both off-the-shelf and tailored tour packages.

This success stems from the fact that our business is based on delivering superior Value to our customers, by:

  • a commitment to Quality, which is the key criterion we use for selecting members of our team
  • providing our services at a reasonable Price

We know that Egypt has so much to offer that it can’t all be appreciated in a single visit.  We want to be the first choice for returning visitors, so that our customers become partners in our success.

We provide high-quality, unforgettable vacations that can be customized to meet the requirements of the most demanding adventurers. Excellent accommodations in any city in Egypt, classic tours of the great temples and pyramids of the ancients, Nile River cruises between Aswan and Luxor, desert safaris, golf packages, business executive programs, diving and beach trips, budget tours, luxury expeditions, day trips and shore excursions from Alexandria, Port Said and Safaga are only a few of the unique opportunities made possible by the professional- tour operators at Lonely Egypt.

We provide tour services in Egypt for both Egyptians and overseas visitors. We have more than 25 years of experience in designing private tours for individuals, couples, families with children, groups of friends, incentive packages, etc, at reasonable prices.  We provide all types of packages, including guided tours, historical tours, seaside holidays, desert safaris, diving, fishing safaris on Lake Nasser, incentives and conferences.  Our services include hotel reservations, cruises, rail tickets, car hire, transportation, air travel, and online payments.

We also provide numerous international travel services for individuals and groups through an extensive network of overseas partners. These services include :

  • Packaged or Customized Holiday packages for individuals or groups
  • Hotel reservations
  • Booking and ticketing for air travel, cruises and rail travel
  • Car hire
  • Umrah & Hajj

To us, the story of ancient Egypt is not viewed only through the lens of history. On the contrary, Egypt is a blend of antiquity, science, religion, philosophy, art and magic into a mystical mixture we call “Sacred Science.” The sheer size and scope of Egypt’s treasures – temples, tombs and pyramids – demonstrate the greatness of our unique culture.