Magic Land


Magic Land,  is one of the best amusement parks in the area. Families enjoy Magic Land for its varied activities and rides. There is a Dolphin Show that astounds visitors with their acrobatic displays and their whimsical attitude. There is a Great Theater designed after Persian architecture and that recounts local tales and international favorites. Children and the young at heart love the indoor game hall which has two floors along with a restaurant and even a ballroom. The prehistoric is brought to life in a 400 meter garden where Dinosaurs can be seen alongside volcanoes. Enjoying the rides and the colorful imagery of this park is sure to brighten up anyone’s day and put a smile on the youngest faces. Cairo is certainly an astounding city offering history, fun, and excitement visitors. The Egyptian Media Production City it is a place for both entertainment and culture and can be used as a location for the production of children’s programs, variety and other shows. It stretches over 160 thousand square meters with games to suit all visitors. you will  enjoy your day there and watch where the actors depiction Egyptian movies. Magic Land is a great park and provides wonderful memories for the entire family.