Historical Mosques Tour


Visit Sultan Hassan Mosque this mosque was used also as school or Madrasa, It is one of the extraordinarily wonderful Islamic Monuments in the Islamic World. Actually if Ancient Egypt has to proud of the Pyramids of Giza, Islamic Egypt has to be proud of the Sultan Hassan Madrasa. (Amr Ibn AAs) Mosque This is the first and oldest mosque ever built on the land of Egypt. Erected in 642 AD (21 AH) by Amr Ibn al'As, the commander of the Muslim army that conquered Egypt, the mosque is also known as Taj al-Jawamie (Crown of Mosques, al-Jamie'al-Ateeq (the Ancient Mosque) and Masjid Ahl ar-Rayah (Mosque of Banner Holders). (Ahmed IBN TULUN ) Mosque It is the oldest original mosque and the largest in Egypt It incorporates a number of unique features, such as the external spiral staircase of the unusual minaret (the only one of its type in Egypt) which is similar to the famous Samarra Mosque in Mesopotamia . (Al-Azhar) Mosque AL - AZHAR Mosque was laid foundation on 14Th of Ramadan 359 H, (971 A.D). it was built in two years nearly, the first prayer was dine on 7Th of Ramadan 361. H, on 988 A.D it became a university in which taught different sciences, and religious & mental arts it was named by AL - AZHAR attribution to “Fatimah AZAHRAA” prophet Muhammad’s daughter" (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah) whom Fatimids were attributed. then drive back to your hotel