Al Moaz Street


Our Guide will meet you to Start your Journey to the heart of Islamic Cairo “ Al Moaaz Street “ is an eloquent witness for historical Cairo with the various monuments spread along both sides of the street , visit Al Mansur Qalawun Complex in 1285, Qalawun commissioned the building of a large complex comprising a hospital, a madrasa ( school ) and a mausoleum. The Hospital Served people from all segments of society and was reputed to treat all illnesses known at the time. The Minaret of the Qalawun complex is the highest in Egypt. Then visit the funerary complex of Sultan Farag ibn Barquq was actually built by his son, Sultan al Nasir Farag, to fulfill his father’s wish to be buried in the desert near a group of Sufi sheikhs. Construction took such a long time – 11 years – that Farag was twice deposed and returned to power before its completion. The ceiling of the madrasa and the mosque is considered a masterpiece.