The Pharaonic Village


Imagine going to a place a few miles from the center of Cairo where Egypt's entire history and art comes alive! Such a place exists in the Pharaonic Village, on Jacob Island in the Nile. The village is surrounded by trees which hide the bustle of the crowded city and provide the background for an ancient Egyptian village. In the village, you are transported by floating amphitheaters through a series of canals where the ancient Egyptian arts and crafts are brought to life by an incredible group of actors and actresses in period dress recreate the lifestyle of Pharaonic Egypt even the species of plants and trees are native to the period. You see faithful reproduction of buildings, clothing and lifestyles. The actors also reenact the Biblical story of the Pharaoh’s wife finding the baby Moses in a basket on the Banks of the Nile. Museums showcase Egypt’s history, covering everything from Mummification through the building of the Sphinx and the pyramids to the production of papyrus. Kids can take home an assortment of Souvenirs, have their photo taken in Pharaonic dress, write their name in hieroglyphics on Papyrus scroll or paint a pottery keepsake at Village’s Art Center.  It is as though Williamsburg (Virginia, USA) and Pioneer Village (Toronto, Canada) were joined in one park - except here the history is 5000 years old.